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The first step is to identify potential problems before they develop. In addition to studying your immediate financial circumstances, he takes a long-range perspective view of your retirement picture - a picture he has seen through the lives and experiences of his clients.

Jerry and his team can take the lead or become your "quarterback" for a coordinated retirement planning effort, working together with your trusted legal and tax advisors to develop a "big picture" strategy that can uncover potential pitfalls and promising financial opportunities. By integrating portfolio management and income planning with tax and estate planning, he can help you improve returns while reducing risk.

This coordination can help you determine how to schedule income in the most tax-efficient way, and reveal options to defer or reduce income, capital gains and estate taxes. It can also identify dynamic, even synergistic methods to enhance your net worth.

Talk to Jerry Graham today and ask for more information about the potential of this kind of retirement planning.

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